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American Apparel Named Superior Supplier by Defense Logistics Agency for Second Straight Year

FORT BELVOIR, Virginia – July 27, 2016

Today the Defense Logistics Agency announced its top performing industry partners for fiscal year 2015 as part of the Department of Defense’s Superior Supplier Incentive Program.

The SSIP is an extension of the Department’s Better Buying Power initiative and is designed to incentivize contractor performance by identifying suppliers with the highest rankings in areas such as performance, quality, and business relations.

"This program allows DLA to spotlight those companies that consistently perform well and deliver high quality products to our warfighters – they should be proud of this distinction,” said Matthew Beebe, head of DLA’s acquisition directorate. “We also hope it serves as a reminder to both industry and government personnel of the importance of having ongoing, open and honest dialogue about contractor performance."

DLA considered its top 150 parts and commodity suppliers with the highest spends within a particular supply chain that has done business with the agency over the past two years.  To be eligible for consideration, companies – or their subsidiary business units – had to have DLA contracts with a proven record of performance, as well as an established rating in the federal Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System.

Of those considered, 42 companies were selected as DLA’s superior suppliers based on the last three years of CPARS ratings, with the most emphasis placed on recent performance. The selected companies represent all of DLA’s major supply chains, include nine small businesses, and collectively account for nearly $16.7 billion in DLA contract expenditures annually.  Suppliers were categorized into three levels based on their performance and CPARS ratings: Gold, Silver and Bronze. 

“Again, we at American Apparel are honored to be selected for this award for the second straight year and we take a tremendous amount of pride in our daily support of the Warfighter, “said Chuck Lambert Chief Operating Officer for American Apparel.

American Apparel Inc., is an Alabama based corporation employing in excess of 700 employees with manufacturing locations in Selma, Centre, and Opp, Alabama.

SOURCE Defense Logistics Agency

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