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American Apparel, Inc., headquartered in Selma, Alabama, is an industry leader in manufacturing combat and utility uniforms for the Department of Defense. Since 1987, American Apparel has provided stellar performance in quality and delivery, while at the same time, being highly automated and efficient. American Apparel operates three manufacturing facilities in Alabama in the cities of Selma, Opp and Centre. Employing over 500 employees and maintaining almost 300,000 square feet of capacity, American Apparel is ready to meet the challenges of the American military services.

Our highly automated systems allow American Apparel to consistently deliver high quality uniforms on time. In addition to the latest automation processes, our in-house production control system, American Apparel Information Management System (AAIMS), assists in managing the procurement, scheduling, manufacturing, quality, shipping and accounting activities across all three plant locations.

Another important factor in American Apparel’s success is our belief and understanding of a strong Quality Management System (QMS). In fact, our current QMS system was recertified to the ISO 9001:2008 standard.